by Melanism

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MindOverFour Unusual progressive metal--like Gojira with less death metal and djent aspects--which ultimately leads me thinking of moodier progressive metal like early Anathema or early Evergrey. It tends to forego traditional metal riffs for goth-y, post-rock strumming but it breaks up those walls of sound with chunky, progressive breakdowns. Favorite track: Suffering.
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GeN2Mo Somewhat hard to place dense and often dissonant Progressive, Modern-ish Metal between Hacride and Watch My Dying with a slight air of Scarve.
Not easy to get into but absolutely worth the effort. Favorite track: Omnimsomnia.
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Loom 04:57
Omnimsomnia 05:18
Present sunset. Preceding. I dismiss reason. Flourishing the emotion. Psycho-circus begins. At the bottom of the waters in my mind, bound by shackles of self-honesty released. Tears melt with the darkness of this ocean. Drowning the victim. Related in silence. Forgive me, absolve me, let me go. Allow me to advance and be free of penalty. Slave of winter nights. Stockholm syndrome and all extreme reasons To have my eyelids tide. I'm free and lost where time stops. I beg to myself "Will you let me go?" Maybe will always be so. Maybe will not exist absolution to me. Understand that it's not in vain to fight against my ghosts. I face my fears to remove the corrupt. Maybe I can not choose the resignation. Maybe I would not choose the resignation. Unpredictable Bohemia Feelings in freedom, doomed to destruction Willing to discover the secret and to understand the reason for living. I'm the chosen one to appreciate what not reaches the senses something inside of me, something inside of you. I just hope your blindness will get voided and we step into paradise, mentioned in ignorance, located at the summit that the descent has risen us.
Oligarchs 05:19
A scene besieged by antagonists. Oligarchs of chaos. Hypocritical standarization of the most inhumane acts. Sublimation of murder. Just one race evolved enough to build their moral. Just one race evolved enough to omit it. Annihilating our partners. Programming an end from the start. Savoring the authorship of the vilest unconsciousness. Haughtiness flatters us, leads us to the top. In the kingdom of self-delusion, proud of shame. Tongues are for lying, Mouths are for greed. Misguided supremacy. Just one race evolved enough to build its moral. Just one race evolved enough to omit it.
Red Giant 08:05
We have done it again. We've repeated the mistake. As so many times in history we ended with all the legacy Apologies from the Stupid Age. Exponential imbalance between artifacts and reality. Tangible, useless, unlimited irrelevance. Proliferation of cracks in our support. Red Giant we are waiting for you. Extend the hand which closes our eyelids. Too much time left for your arrival. Too much margin for a virus to spread. We left the design. We colonized the entropy Proud of the discovery. Ignorant of failure.
Shoreline 05:04
I escape from here, my lungs will not breath this distopic gift. There's no nature here Dark clouds beholding sick hirelings working. The skyline covers that perishable way of life, Remains of delusions of grandeur of a mistaken race. Leaving along the way all this stench of disease. That place is owned by monsters squeezing black blood from drones. I'm running through the wind every stride is more immaculate, Now I feel what I've always been, an animal that should be free. Walking barefoot on the edge of the sand. I have found the purest place. My deepest self meets the confidant this calm that hears me. Being soaked by the breeze that heals me. The silence screams. The nails squeal. The sea cauterizes my nerves, mesmerized Faith is over Hope no longer Just enjoy this moment
Drops 06:05
Parts of a countless fluid. Completely united. By fortunes of destiny, the company of my soulmate. The knowing smile that your differences produce in me. That only make me weak. Together perfect. I hear your complicit silence. Residents in the serpent's mouth with our venom intact. With the security of a fetus inside. That doesn't contemplate the omen. Each in a fang we will be injected into different victims. Destiny has extirpated you from me, without the farewell that I would have rejected. Faster, faster, out of control. Doomed to an uncertain path, no choice. Stunned in the incident. What use is it to apply my venom if I can't share my success? Nostalgic loneliness of being a half. The recurring nightmare to remember the first second after the separation I will never know more about you. Neither your development nor your end. However, without me I know you will be victorious. The trail of our venom at divergent paths. I need to look ahead but I just see a mirror. Increasingly more late words. It only remains to miss you. It only remains the fear that time makes me disappear from your memories.
Birth. Start of the asymptote that approaches zero. The solider, the emptier Children treated as virgin molds Without content, without roots, Educated based on their lifetime leaving apart their skills Intact, wasted, left to their expiration, finally extinct. We are a vortex fed by empiricism only our purest nature conditions us characterized by the intrinsic attacked by the most fictitious mentality Mass­produced like screws redirected to their imposed function essential part of the motion of a larger machine controlling their chances from the beginning, vetoing their individuality since its inception assigning them an irrelevant serial number Instructed as pawns to contain the danger as a way of taming of the mass. Limit the flow from the start, the subtlest of lobotomies We are the endless explosion full of creativity ultimate weapon against the conservative mind orators of the message that words can't explain Absorbent of the feeling as humans, we are the answer
Suffering 07:12
Keep your guard up Before the hostile scene Nothing matters at all Nothing to expect. The unpredictable is cruel. Subject to forthcoming uncontrolled events. Resist the erosion. One is nothing merely by being. Build on purity an alternative. Divulge the example beyond. Despite dystopia. Life: The cognitive torture. When her lips say more than words. It's just suffering. When the hands of the clock pierce the heart. It's just suffering. Lack of love. Overdose of hate. It's just suffering. This fragant smell of rain tonight. It's just suffering.
Acceptance 05:51
Such hypocrisy is to fear the end and invent its extension to not discard our invalid work No matter to us each dent we engrave of devastation and shame along our time Carpe Diem is the excuse of whom taints the countdown instead of dignifying the rubric. We only yearn for the toy when it moves away from the hand. Despite the abuse. Despite oblivion. We promise it will be different when we are sure that it’s already late, when saliva tastes like lies. Bow our knees in barren land the game is over


released September 9, 2016


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Melanism Alicante, Spain

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